Tie Back Links (Crane Girder Surge Connectors)

Molyneux Industries manufactures two types of tie back linkages (crane girder surge connectors) which are used to allow crane girder end rotation on overhead crane runways. These bearing tie back linkages prevent the kind of fatigue failures that are common with traditional fixed tie back (diaphragm) connections. The Molyneux PFSL type tie back linkage has internal bearing seals. The TBL type tie back linkage is installed with external o-ring seals. Examples of both types of linkages are shown below. Both the TBL and PFSL type tie back links are available in a large variety of sizes and can be custom designed and manufactured by Molyneux to fit almost any project requirement.

PFSL Bearing Tie Back Link (Surge Connector)  

(Internal Seals)

This tie back link is faster and easier to install on site and provides some dimensional flexibility over the TBL/Series. The PFSL type tie back link is available to ship as an assembly or as the link only.

TBL Bearing Tie Back Link (Surge Connector)  

(External Seals)

This tie back link offers a slightly cheaper design solution in many instances. This link series allows a wide variety of connection solutions. The TBL type tie back link is generally shipped to site pre-assembled.

Connection Assembly Types

There are many connection assembly designs for both types of tieback links. Choice will depend upon client preference, the available dimensions to accommodate the link assembly design and the columns and girders to which connection is to be made. Some examples of these designs are shown below.