Ground Runway (Track) Systems

Molyneux Industries, Inc. designs and manufactures customized products for ground crane rail systems supported upon concrete. These designs include continuously supported crane rail systems and rails supported on individual or discontinuous supports. Also included are cross-over rail systems and rail expansion joints. Features of these systems include:

Steel Soleplates

These are custom designed for each client's project.

Adjustable Rail Clips

Molyneux offers the largest choice of adjustable rail clips to provide for custom designed solutions.

Crane Rail Pad / Resilient Rail Pad

For use with continuous rail supports or individual rail supports. Solutions include steel reinforced crane rail pad and individual pedestal support crane rail pad systems.

Soleplate Leveling Systems

Longitudinal and lateral leveling of the rail and rail support is extremely important. A variety of custom solutions are offered from beneath the soleplate or from above the soleplate with the use of leveling bolts.

Anchoring Systems

Molyneux offers a variety of solutions for anchoring the soleplate to the supporting concrete. These include shear connections, fully threaded anchor rods and holding down bolts or anchor bolts, including the installation adhesive where applicable.

Leveling Grouts and Grout Products

We offer of a large variety of epoxy, resin and also cement based grouting products to complement our custom design solutions.